Electric truck goes 683 miles on one charge, earns Guinness record


A Swiss package delivery vehicle broke the Guinness World Record for greatest distance traveled by an electric truck on a single charge, racking up nearly 683 miles.

The DPD Switzerland delivery truck, which has been in use by the company for about six months, was taken for a 682.88-mile drive without stopping for charging.

Guinness World Records said the trip earned the record for greatest distance by an electric rigid truck, single charge.

The Futuricum truck was manufactured by Designwerk Products AG, and the attempt was carried out at tire company Continental Suisse SA’s in-house test site near Hanover. The truck was outfitted with Continental’s EfficientPro tires, which are designed to have low rolling resistance.

Two drivers traded off shifts during the 23-hour drive, competing 392 laps around Continental’s track.