Kitten survives 230-mile trip in engine compartment of car


Animal rescuers in Britain said a kitten survived a journey of about 230 miles from Wales to Leeds, England, in the engine compartment of a car.

The RSPCA said the driver told rescuers he arrived in Leeds and opened the hood of the car to investigate a strange noise initially thought to be a problem with the engine.

The man called the RSPCA when he realized there was a kitten trapped in the engine and it did not come out when he offered it food.

“I managed to reach the poor kitten and bring him to safety,” animal rescue officer Rebecca Goulding said in a news release. “He was absolutely covered in grease, but thankfully had no injuries so he’s a very lucky cat.

“The caller explained that they’d heard a strange noise all the way from South Wales and had assumed it was something wrong with the engine.”

Goulding said the kitten is believed to have been trapped for the entire four-hour drive.

“He’s so lucky to have not been burnt or injured. He’s definitely used up one of his nine lives on the trip,” she said.

The 6-week-old kitten, dubbed Tom Jones by Goulding, is being cared for by RSPCA Halifax. Officials said they are trying to determine if the kitten is a stray or someone’s missing pet.